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News 9: OSU Develops New Strain Of Turf Grass; NFL Shows Interest In Purchasing

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News 9 in Oklahoma City reports on the growing demand for Tahoma 31 Bermudagrass, developed by Oklahoma State University, (OSU).

A special type of drought resistant grass created in Oklahoma, is getting attention from around the world. That includes several teams from the NFL.

Scientists at Oklahoma State University announced the creation of “Tahoma 31” last year. It’s best application maybe in sports stadiums and golf course, because of its recovery strength.

Tahoma 31 is OSU’s 7th turf grass creation.

“Bermuda goes typically to the Oklahoma-Kansas line and it won’t thrive, typically north of that line. Tahoma 31 pushes that north,” said Brad Sherry of Sod by Sherry, who has exclusive rights to sell Tahoma 31 in the area.

Sherry showed News 9 the acres of Tahoma 31 that’s been growing in Calumet for the past year.



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