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Sod Production Services | Tahoma 31 | 757-345-1120

Oklahoma State University is celebrating the creation of a breakthrough type of a grass, its first since 2011. It was first produced in Stillwater and will be sold at sod farms all over the world. Two Oklahoma sod farms, including one in Yukon, now have the rights to sell the Bermuda hybrid called Tahoma 31.

“20% less water than common varieties,” said Dr. Yanqi Wu, with OSU Turfgrass Sciences.

“Really our first effort to bring together the combination of cold hardiness and drought resistance,” said Dr. Charles Fortanier, with OSU Turfgrass Sciences.

Tahoma 31 has been developed for ten years and has been tested all over the country.

Dr. Wu feels the grass is perfect to handle sports like football, soccer, baseball and golf.

Officials with the United States Golf Association, which helps OSU’s Turfgrass program, were in Stillwater Wednesday to take a closer look at Tahoma 31. “They are interested in reducing the water footprint that golf courses have,” said Dr Fortanier. (Published 6/20/18)

Sourced June 20, 2018 News 9 TV, Oklahoma City, OK.

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