OSU Sod Scientists Create New Grass

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Oklahoma State University is celebrating the creation of a breakthrough type of a grass, its first since 2011. It was first produced in Stillwater and will be sold at sod farms all over the world. Two Oklahoma sod farms, including one in Yukon, now have the rights to sell the Bermuda hybrid called Tahoma 31. “20% less water than common varieties,” said Dr. Yanqi Wu, with OSU Turfgrass Sciences. “Really our first effort to bring together the combination of cold… READ MORE

Florida sod farm survives 12 days of flooding

In the wake of Hurricane Irma, sod farmer Doug Carter saw firsthand a certain bermudagrass variety’s ability to survive and thrive. Following Hurricane Irma last summer, Doug Carter’s sod farm fields were covered with 36 inches of standing water. In a two-day period, Fort Pierce, Fla., had received nearly 16 inches of rain. “I pulled in the gate and could not believe what I saw,” Carter, owner of Sun Turf sod farm and a licensed sod producer of PremierPRO bermudagrass,… READ MORE

Farm Survives 12-Day Flood: Florida Farmer Tells His Story

By Alyssa Sanchez Doug Carter drove up to his farm and couldn’t believe his eyes. His sod farm fields were covered with 36-inches of standing water. In a two-day period, Fort Pierce, Florida, received nearly 16 inches of rain.   “I pulled in the gate and could not believe what I saw,” Carter said. “My farm was three feet under water. The whole farm.” As the water receded after Hurricane Irma had cut a path of destruction through Florida, Carter… READ MORE

PremierPRO Bermudagrass Grows In Fast at Bentwood Farms

After 20 years of  farming  row crops spread over some  9,000 acres of fields in Sellers, South Carolina, Bentwood Farms enters the turf industry as a sod producer. Charlie Baucom, owner of Bentwood Farms, said he became a licensed producer of PremierPRO Hybrid Bermudagrass, licensed by  Sod Production Services, and planted 200 acres of the grass in July 2016. At the same time, Baucom also planted about 50 acres of Tifway 419. The difference between the grow-in rate of both… READ MORE

PremierPRO Survives in Native Soil at Old American

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PremierPRO Bermuda survives in hypoxic, heavy clay native soils. Old American Golf Club was built using soil from a dredged lake. The heavy clay cracks when the course is dry. Out of bounds areas tell the story, see the photo below. But the golf course, planted with PremierPRO looks great and remains healthy even in the harshest conditions. Heavy clay soils crack along the edges of the golf course in areas out of play Director of Agronomy Russel Birkhimer at… READ MORE

Sod Production Services Launches Redesigned Website

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 20, 2017, Charles City, VA: Sod Production Services launched a redesigned website, sodproductionservices.com which serves as a platform to assist sod farms with every step of sod production and the sales cycle. Sod Production Services offers support to turfgrass producers to help grow healthy turf and successful businesses. They provide agronomic consulting services such as design management protocols, optimal land planning and design, farm technology recommendations, sprigging services and sales consultations. They also offer assistance in PremierPRO… READ MORE