PremierPRO Survives in Native Soil at Old American

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PremierPRO Bermuda survives in hypoxic, heavy clay native soils. Old American Golf Club was built using soil from a dredged lake. The heavy clay cracks when the course is dry. Out of bounds areas tell the story, see the photo below. But the golf course, planted with PremierPRO looks great and remains healthy even in the harshest conditions. Heavy clay soils crack along the edges of the golf course in areas out of play Director of Agronomy Russel Birkhimer at… READ MORE

Sod Production Services Launches Redesigned Website

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 20, 2017, Charles City, VA: Sod Production Services launched a redesigned website, which serves as a platform to assist sod farms with every step of sod production and the sales cycle. Sod Production Services offers support to turfgrass producers to help grow healthy turf and successful businesses. They provide agronomic consulting services such as design management protocols, optimal land planning and design, farm technology recommendations, sprigging services and sales consultations. They also offer assistance in PremierPRO… READ MORE