Sod Production Services is here to support turfgrass producers at every stage of the production and sales process. We offer consultation services to our clients that are designed to help grow healthy turf and thriving businesses. With agronomic expertise, marketing strategy, and sod licensing services, we help our clients succeed from the roots, up.



From sod farmers new to the industry to seasoned producers, our consultants can evaluate and offer recommendations to get the hightest quality, best yield from your farm.

• High-End Management Protocols: We custom-design sod production turfgrass management protocols to address the unique factors on your farm such as soils and climate.

• Farm Design & Planting: From optimal land planning and field layout, we can help you to optimize your acreage for best results.

• Farm Technology: From equipment recommendations to the latest in high-tech GPS-assisted farming techniques, we’ll research and recommend the best fit for your farm.

• Sprigging Services: We can sprig your new field and teach you how to best manage the process on your farm.

• Sales Consulting: Through our industry relationships with architects, developers and builders around the country, we can help place your grass on golf courses, sports fields and landscape projects.

Turfgrass Licensing


Part of a successful sod farm operation is selecting the right mix of turfgrass inventories to produce on your farm. We can help you to negotiate contracts with licensing firms, and if suitable, license our proprietary turfgrass to your farm. We currently license only the best performing grasses available. And we market them, too.

• PremierPRO Bermudagrass: Performance backed by science defines the quick grow-in and phenomenal success of PremierPRO in sports, golf and lawn applications.

• Marketing & Promotions: PremierPRO is backed by professional marketing campaigns and supported with customizable marketing materials to elevate the perception of your farm in the marketplace.