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‘OKC 1131’ bermudagrass is an interspecific F1 hybrid improved for high quality turf use. The grass can only be vegetatively propagated due to its infertility. It was created in 2007 and has been tested in multiple locations over many years. ‘OKC 1131’ has been tested in the 2013 National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP) ( The NTEP National Bermudagrass Test provided data from 17 locations in 2013 and 2014, and from 19 location in 2015. Major improvements in turfgrass performance and characteristics of ‘OKC 1131’ bermudagrass, relative to the four standard cultivars ‘Latitude 36’, ‘Tifway’, ‘Patriot’ and ‘Celebration’, are described below.

‘OKC 1131’ has been in the top performing group for turfgrass quality in the NTEP test. In 2014, ‘OKC 1131’ demonstrated an overall turfgrass quality equal to that of ‘Latitude 36’ but better than ‘Patriot’, ‘Tifway’, and ‘Celebration’. In 2015, the overall turfgrass quality of ‘OKC 1131’ was higher than that of the four standard cultivars. ’OKC 1131’ has a dark green leaf color, fine leaf blades, short internodes, and high turf density. The grass performed well in both the transition zone and the southern regions in the USA.

‘OKC 1131’ has exceptional winter survivability and excellent spring greenup. The winter between 2013 and 2014 was extremely cold at several northern sites in the NTEP test, and ‘OKC 1131’ had the lowest winterkill ratings. The NTEP test at Lexington, KY indicated that ‘OKC 1131’ had a winterkill rate of 25% and was significantly better than ‘Tifway’ (99%), ‘Celebration’ (99%), ‘Latitude 36’ (73%), and ‘Patriot’ (50%). The NTEP test at West Lafayette, IN indicated that ‘OKC 1131’ had a winterkill rate of 4% and was significantly lower than ‘Tifway’ (98%) and ‘Celebration’ (97%) but not different from ‘Latitude 36’ and ‘Patriot’. ‘OKC 1131’ had better spring greenup ratings than the four standard cultivars in both 2014 and 2015, further indicating its cold hardiness.

‘OKC 1131’ has significantly improved drought resistance and water use efficiency. In the NTEP test, the field drought resistant trial performed at College Station, TX in 2015 reported ‘OKC 1131’ was one of the top performers for turf quality and living ground coverage under drought conditions. In the test, ‘OKC 1131’ had turf quality superior to that of the four standard cultivars. In a separate field trial conducted under well-watered conditions at Stillwater, OK, water use rates of ‘OKC 1131’ were consistently the least among bermudagrasses tested including ‘TifTuf’, ‘Celebration’ and ‘Tifway’ over three years (2013-15).

In addition, ‘OKC 1131’ has an excellent establishment rate, sufficient sod tensile strength for commercial sod production, improved salinity resistance, and high traffic tolerance.

‘OKC 1131’ turf bermudagrass was released for commercial production on June 7, 2017.