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Better Sod Production Performance, Backed By Science

Developed by legendary turf breeders Dr. Milt Engelke and Dr. Virginia Lehman, and tested nationwide, PremierPRO is the sod producer’s choice for a bermudagrass that excels from the Southeast into the Transition Zone.



PremierPRO’s proven fast recovery from injury or harvest means your field grows in fast. In sod production, planted at 400 bushels per acre in a 10-acre farm field, coverage was achieved in just 3.5 weeks.


Rated #1 in NTEP for High Quality Turf Rating, PremierPRO produces a dense, fine-bladed turf that lifts well and stacks tight on a palette for better transport.


The Cady traffic simulator confirmed what NTEP already shows, PremierPRO recovers from wear, whether from sports use or mechanical harvest.


Sod producers in every region witness remarkable grow-in speed and coverage. In Maryland, Bill Warpinksi at Central Sod Farms says PremierPRO grew in “50% faster than other vegetative bermudagrasses and 100% faster than seeded varieties.

Happy Customers Say it Best

  • In making my decision to become a licensed producer of PremierPRO, I looked at several factors and characteristics of the grass. I’ve never seen a bermudagrass in particular that had such a fine texture, deep green color, and high density. And it has a phenomenal rate of establishment.

    Alfred Wooten
    Owner, Quality Turf, Inc., Maple Hill, NC
  • It has a lot of special qualities that we and, more importantly, our customers are looking for in an elite bermudagrass. It has a beautiful season-long, dark green color. Proven cold weather tolerance. It has a fine leaf texture with low seedhead production. I’ve noticed fast grow-in on our production field, which would indicate a fast divot recovery in sports applications, too. All of these positive characteristics are confirmed in the NTEP trials. That is why we became a licensed producer.

    William Warpinski
    General Manager at Central Sod Farms of Maryland, Inc.
  • I’ve been absolutely amazed by it. We planted December 2, 2016. The grass from Virginia was completely dormant—not a green blade of grass in it. It looked like we were planting hay. We started to see green in it by day 10. At day 36, we’re at 70 to 80% coverage, which is just phenomenal.

    Doug Carter
    Partner, Sun Turf, Indiantown, FL


Licensed sod producers growing PremierPRO become part of Team PremierPRO, a network that brings together the power of world-recognized researchers, sod producers, superintendents, sports turf managers and professional athletes whose combined efforts to share information about the grass are mutually beneficial. Strong marketing programs, backed by scientific claims and professional promotions, aid in your sales efforts. Plus, a portion of royalties produced from the sale of PremierPRO Bermuda Grass goes to university turfgrass research in the states where the grass is grown. Currently in production in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and Florida.

To become a PremierPRO Bermudagrass licensed sod producer, contact us today!

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