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Tahoma 31 “Is Something Very Exciting Coming Out Of Oklahoma State University” says JAKE FM Radio

Tahoma 31 “is something very exciting coming out of Oklahoma State University,” said Owen Pickard, Program Director at 93.3 Jake FM in Oklahoma City. During a segment called the 405 Buzz, Pickard interviewed Dr.Yanqi Wu and Dr. Dennis Martin of OSU about the release of Tahoma 31 Bermudagrass. The interview aired on Tuesday, August 7, 2018.

Dr. Martin described Tahoma 31 in this way,“It’s very fine-textured and dense with improved water use efficiency, improved drought resistance, and also retains the cold resistance that Oklahoma State University grasses are known for.”

Pickard asked about the turfgrass breeding process for the grass.
“It’s called Tahoma 31 and it’s not just something that was developed overnight. You all have been working on this for quite some time, I understand.

Dr. Wu replied, “Yes, starting in 2006.”

Pickard seemed intrigued by the environmentally friendly benefits of the grass. “The fact that it has 18% less water needs, is that something you were hoping to develop with this new hybrid bermudagrass?”

Dr.Wu replied, “Yes, that’s the major target that we were assigned by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. With this special grass, this grass has deep roots and a reduced amount of water needed to maintain healthy growth.”

Dr. Martin elaborated on the adaptability of Tahoma 31 to varied soil types and mowing heights. “It’s adapted to sand, silt or even into clay.” Martin:
“Mowing heights, it’s adapted anywhere from a quarter of an inch to about an inch-and-a-half.”

To summarize Tahoma 31, Dr. Martin said,“It’s going to produce a great lawn with lower water use rates, higher water use efficiency.”



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