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Journal Record Article Stimulates Demand for Tahoma 31 Bermudagrass

‘Sod Farmers High on New Grass’ states The Journal Record in this June 14, 2018 article.

OKLAHOMA CITY – A new hybrid Bermuda grass produced by Oklahoma State University has been licensed for marketing and will be ready for consumers following this year’s growing season.

Only two Oklahoma sod farms have been cleared by licensee Sod Production Services in Charles City, Virginia, to develop the grass for wider distribution: Sod by Sherry in Yukon and Riverview Sod Ranch in Bixby.

“We’ve been waiting on this grass for a long time,” owner Brad Sherry said. “We’ve got some other grasses we’ve been working with, and this is the first time we’ve dealt with the certification process. We’ve been learning the ropes, but I really think it will be worth the effort. The grass has been doing great on the trials.”

Strain OKC1131, rebranded as Tahoma-31 this month, took more than a decade to breed and confirm its traits before it was released for licensing, OSU plant genetics professor Yanqi Wu said. The grass is more cold-tolerant and drought-resistant than its predecessors and adaptable to a wider range of environments.


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